climate art taskforce

The climate art taskforce (CAT) is a global alliance of interdisciplinary digital artists against climate change. Based on an open source platform, CAT curates and publishes digital artworks & publications making climate change accessible and approachable for a non-expert audience. CAT invites digital practitioners to contribute with their own relating digital works. With it’s open source approach, CAT aims to be inclusive towards all kinds of artists and art formats relating to climate change, everyone is welcome to contribute. Selected artworks and the platform itself are constantly curated for external projects and campaigns.

The project is partly funded by the Goethe Institute Mumbai, the ZKM Karlsruhe & BeFantastic India within the project C³ cohort.

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climate flower

The climate flower depicts the threat of climate change. It’s floral shape “grows” with global warming. A scientific climate data interface provides monthly data of the global warming (in °C). The project addresses the question of how climate change can be effectively communicated & visualized, and why, despite the scientific obviousness, humans don’t do enough. The conflict is “Eco vs. Ego” and describes the daily compromise of individuals, companies and society itself to put own interests above those of the “worldly” or ecologically needed actions. The work is intended to lead viewers to experience the ubiquity of the threat of climate change by confronting them with real-time and real-life scientific data. 

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mutual thoughts 

Mutual thoughts is a collaborative cross-social and cultural project that involves a random set of individuals, who are invited to participate. The project faces questions about life and society and simultaneously represents society by capturing answers on questions society is asking itself. All 21 questions have been received by different individuals in different life stages. We are often focused on our own thoughts, write our own journals, and live our own lives. Even though we live in one of the largest societies ever, everyone faces life questions by themselves. The idea behind mutual thoughts is to unite collective thoughts and knowledge in this booklet and then transparently publish the accumulated answers to each question. There are multiple copies of this issue being answered. The project evolves itself with its participants, there is no set goal or rule besides answering all the questions in your own way. The project is ongoing in a print version as well as online through www.mutualthoughts.onlineIn Autumn 2021, an exhibition with live participation is planned. 

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merging patterns 

As a visual guide through society, merging patterns faces human interaction with nature all around the globe.  Humans relationship with nature has changed a lot in the last decades. Big cities and modern infrastructure is separating us from original nature by creating a new, artificial space. Are you able to call this space nature? Where are parallels? The project faces patterns that occur in classic nature and modern, artificial structures and tries to identify similarities and contrasts. Pictures are taken in Germany, Australia, Russia, Thailand, USA, South Africa. 

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RDMN Clothing

“Conceptual and functional streetwear inspired by events in the past and today.”
RDMN Clothing is a conceptual streetwear project which tries to revive different aesthetics and thoughts beginning from the second half of the 20th century reaching until today. With our designs, we are connecting international political, social, and visual impressions from the past with today’s topics. Our focus always is on the concept, we are including conceptual designs into streetwear clothing such as creating authentic, functional but also comfortable streetwear.

selected graphical works